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Poolside at Walnut Tree Cottage




Sustainability and ecology at the heart of every design.

Get in touch to begin the process together, to transform your green space into a sanctuary.

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Want a free consultation?

I am offering you a free consultation to help you get started with your new garden design. 

We'll review your current garden and figure out what you want from your new dream garden.

Nice to meet you!

My name is Katie, and I am currently studying at the London College of Garden Design, based at Kew Gardens. Having graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design, I wanted to merge my love for plants with my love for art and design, and so have embarked on my journey with the London College of Garden Design.


I love to create atmosphere and narrative within spaces, that are intended to be used, as well as enjoyed. Gardens for me are a productive, functional and pleasurable space, and so each garden should be as unique as the people who are intending to use them.


Sustainability and environmental consciousness is at the heart of my designs, with eco-alternatives always favoured, and native species used where possible. 


Get in touch if you would like to create something wonderful for your space.

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