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The Hide and Seek
Hospital Garden

The Hide and Seek Hospital Garden

An imagined garden between two hospital wings.

The element of play is key to this project. The sun has been taken advantage of fully to create shadows on the curved rendered walls at all parts of the day. The walls themselves provide refuge for patients or staff, who may want a quiet moment amongst the busy and noisy atmosphere of a hospital. The space is fully wheelchair accessible, allowing a wheelchair to pass between all of the structures, as well as around the edge of the space. Markers are placed at 1m intervals around the edge of the central area, to encourage patients to walk and could be factored into rehab and physio practice. A rill surrounds the area, creating a sound barrier against the hospital hustle and bustle, and delivering a calming atmosphere to the garden. This space is intended as a small oasis and sanctuary, where some peace can be found. 

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